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The Movie Distro service gives you a new approach to downloading anime shows on to your computer by providing direct downloads - no need to go through P2P programs, non-standard protocols or to reconfigure your settings. With unlimited downloads available to members, there is no need to pay fees for individual shows downloaded.

The Anime Online Service and Resources:

The Anime Downloads Online service (you can sign up online immediately) gives easy access to anime, manga and drama episodes and series. The vast range of series available is kept up to date, with new episodes being added every day - within hours of release. The service is easy to use - as easy as clicking on the links provided.

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Downloading is fast and reliable thanks to Movie Distro's state of the art servers and use of HTTP - no more incomplete episodes, no more worrying about programs infected with spyware. Downloads are direct, coming straight from the service's own servers rather than being stored at a third party location, which would slow down the process.

All programs are in Japanese with English sub-titles, which are clear and easy to read, and translated by people who speak English, unlike some providers. The range of shows available is already broad - thousands of series - but members seeking a particular series not available can request it. For a one off fee, members can download as many shows as they like - there aren't any limits or capped speeds.

Click here to download Unlimited Anime Shows now *

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